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Gastric Botox


Endoscopic gastric bypass revision uae
Endoscopic revision after gastric bypass

When can I return to work? 

Each person is different from the others, most patients return to work the next day. 

Is it safe to get pregnant after this procedure? 

No, it is not recommended before 6 months. And it’s not recommended during breastfeeding 

Risks and Considerations 

The gastric injection drug can cause temporarily side effects, such as nausea. Usually, these symptoms last for a short period and then gradually disappear. It is very important to discuss this with your consultant right from the start, understanding and managing expectations whilst keeping in mind any possible associated risks. 

Doctor Tarek Saleh Message:

 Patient should understand that weight loss results vary from person to person and be aware of the importance of participating in the 12 months program, to maintain their weight loss and avoid regain weight after the six month of Gastric Injection and understand that weight regain if it is not combined with appropriate healthy behaviour’s lifestyle including diet and exercise modifications are not continued. 

It is outpatient endoscopic procedure speeds up weight loss by using gastric injection to temporarily relax the muscles of the stomach, which will cause the muscles to contract less. 

The goal of this procedure is to help people feel full longer than usual greatly reducing the overall amount of food consumption. 

Under sedation a gastroenterologist guides an endoscope through the patient’s mouth to his stomach to inject the stomach muscle with the medication. 

Suitable candidate for Gastric Injection: 

  • It is usually offered to patients seeking weight loss with a BMI 27  

  • Male or female ≥18 yrs.  

  • Patient has not been able to lose significant weight in the past with diet and exercise. 


What is the duration of the effect of the injections in the stomach? 

  • It takes about seven days before a patient sees results. 

  • The effect of the Gastric Injections will last 4-6 months 

  • There is No Gastric Injection can last more than six months 

  • The procedure of Gastric Injection can be repeated after six months’  


How long will need to stay in the hospital? 

  • The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes under sedation 

  • Patients are discharged the same day of the procedure 


Why weight loss with Gastric injection requires your help! 

  • It is important to recognize & respond to your body’s hunger & fullness signals 

  • You would be able to stop eating even though you have had a small meal 

  • You would reach fullness in an early stage of the meal 

  • You should pay attention to these physiological signals 


How quickly will achieve weight loss Goal? 

  • Patients typically begin to see weight loss in the first 4 weeks with an earlier feeling of fullness right away. 

  • Most patients reported reduced hunger, earlier fullness, or decreased capacity after having the procedure 

  • Success of the procedure will rely on patient ability to recognize & respond to their body’s hunger & fullness signals. 

  • In addition, it is important and a must to commit to the nutritional plan & exercise program to maintain your weight 

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